Embedded Code

Preprocess Code

Preprocess code is executed before the output is prepared. If you want to trigger a different message or do anything based on user’s initial input, this is usually the best place to do it.

Postprocess Code

Postprocess code is executed after the output is prepared, but before it is sent. This is usually the best place to put code that deals with results coming from a Web Responder.

Process User Response

Process User Response code runs after the output has been sent to the user and the user has responded with another message. This is usually the best place to put code that deals with user feedback, such as selecting from options or answering questions.

If you use Quick Replies, you can put code to handle the Quick Reply response in Process User Response. If you don’t handle them here, responses to Quick Replies will be handled by Pattern matching.

Special Note: setTriggerNextMessage()

The setTriggerNextMessage() can be used in any of these places to move from the current Message Flow to a new message.

Note that in all cases, setTriggerNextMessage() does not immediately trigger the next message. The embedded code finishes executing before the nest message is triggered. (That is: you cannot use setTriggerNextMessage() in place of a return or break.)